About Me


My name is Chanara Greene and I am a senior at Northwest University in Kirkland, WA. This year I will be playing for the Women’s basketball team. Yeah, I never thought I would be able to say that but thank God for his hand in my life! My two best friends that I have been playing with since 8th grade will also be playing its really crazy how this all worked out. We are collegiate athletes!

(L-R) Me, Chantelle, Olivia, Corinne- 1st summer league game!

Well among many things I am a sister to 4 beautiful ladies, an aunt to 5 little nuggets, a friend, an office assistant, an athlete, a summer RA.

My whole fam! (L-R) Baby Aliyah with daddy Kyle (BIL), Siss Jasmine, Me with Brookelynn, siss Kamille is standing with Kayden, siss Janelle is Sitting with daugther Avah, My dad and my mother standing with Ethan

My crazy nieces and nephews (L-R) Ethan, Kayden and Brookelynn

I am very passionate about health and having healthy self-esteem. I struggled with anorexia for almost 5 years, with some bulimic and binge tendencies mixed in over the time. I am a pretty tall girl (about 6’ 2) and at my lowest weight I was weighing what is considered the healthy weight for a girl who is 5’0.

My father and I. This was during my struggle with anorexia.

My health was going down the drain and I really didn’t even realize it. I almost lost my driving privileges due to my extremely low heart rate, my organs were suffering, and I couldn’t play basketball my junior year of high school.

I got to play bball my Senior year of high school. This helped my recovery tremendously! This is the Lake Stevens High School team 2010 at state!

Thank God for my great support group. My family, friends, and the counseling and treatment I received because of all of those wonderful people I am completely healthy and healed today!

Junior year Evening for Northwest University

I’m just working hard to live an adventurous and fear-free life by God’s grace; fueled by lots of love, laughter, dancing, food, exercise and truth. Thanks for stopping by, have fun looking around! 🙂

A test shot for my agency.

Helping at a half marathon in Kirkland with my buddy Angela


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